Laser Eye Surgery

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Envision Eye Centre offers the latest in laser vision correction surgery including SMILE® Pro, LASIK & PRK.

We are currently offering free assessments for laser vision correction surgery. This is a great way to find out your vision correction options and have all your questions answered.

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The best possible treatment for your eyes

Your vision is priceless. We understand that taking the first steps towards improving your vision can be an anxious time. We are a boutique practice providing a very personalised experience to clearly explain your laser vision correction options. We also perform all laser eye surgery onsite with our own equipment. 

Leading Eye Surgeon Dr John Males and our highly experienced clinical staff, along with state-of-the-art equipment, all work together to give you a high-level of confidence and options when seeking better vision without the need for glasses or contacts. 

Compare Laser Surgery Treatment Options

SMILE® PRO (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction)

Also known as: ReLex® SMILE®, Keyhole LASIK, 3rd Generation

SMILE laser eye surgery procedure diagram



This procedure is not yet suitable for far-sightedness or people with thin corneas. This procedure is conducted onsite using the Carl ZEISS Visumax Femtosecond laser.

LASIK (Laser-Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis)

Other names: Femto-Lasik, Flap-based procedure, 2nd Generation

LASIK laser eye surgery procedure diagram



Not suitable for people who play contact sports, pilots or military personnel due to flap detachment risk. This procedure is conducted onsite using the Carl Zeiss Femtosecond Laser and the SCHWIND AMARIS 750.

PRK (PhotoRefractive Keratectomy)

Other names: TRANS PRK, Advanced Laser Surface Ablation (ALSA), 1st Generation

PRK laser eye surgery procedure diagram



Our TransPRK procedure is performed onsite using the SCHWIND AMARIS 750.

Free Assessment Offer

We offer a free assessment to help you determine your suitability and treatment options for laser vision correction.