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Envision Eye Centre, the leading practice of Dr John Males

Cataract Surgery

We offer a comprehensive cataract treatment with a thorough assessment, premium lenses and surgery options to provide exceptional vision results.

Laser Eye Surgery

Remove the hassle of glasses and contact lenses. Laser vision correction surgery improves refractive vision problems such as short-sightedness. We perform all of the latest surgeries including SMILE®, LASIK and TransPRK.

Improving eye health for everyone

Our mission is to restore your vision

Envision Eye Centre is a boutique and specialty ophthalmology practice. We have the latest equipment and the latest procedures performed by some of Australia’s most skilled eye surgeons.

Our dedicated team of ophthalmologists, senior orthoptists, surgical co-ordinators and reception staff ensure your visit is both personalised and informative.

Concerned about your vision?

Our friendly staff can talk to you about your vision issues and arrange the best course of action for diagnosis and treatment.

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