Cataract Surgery

Our mission is to restore your vision

At Envision Eye Centre, our principal cataract surgeon, Dr John Males, is a leading specialist in cataract surgery, corneal surgery and laser vision correction. We provide highest standard of clinical assessment, premium lens choice, surgery options and personalised care to restore your vision.

Regardless of your decision to use public or private hospital cover for your surgery, we welcome all patients to provide you the very best in Ophthalmology advice on all your available cataract surgery options.

Exceptional Vision Results with Envision Eye Centre

Envision Eye Centre is proud of our results following Cataract and Refractive Lens Exchange procedures. 

Visual outcomes with Envision Eye Centre

Refractive outcomes with Envision Eye Centre

What drives our results?

A Comprehensive Cataract Assessment

Envision Eye Centre uses the latest technology and apparatus to guarantee precise measurements and optimal refractive outcomes. Our comprehensive cataract assessment includes the following instruments and examinations:

Replacement Lens Options

The replacement lens, known as an IntraOcular Lens (IOL) are a made of a soft, flexible plastic.  Premium lenses perform a range of functions to help avoid the need for wearing glasses after surgery. The range of lenses include:

Premium IntraOcular lenses we use at Envison Eye Centre





Traditional and Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery Available

Since 2011, Laser-assisted cataract surgery has been available in Australia. Envision Eye Centre is proud to offer this new technique which can provide more accuracy and reduce chances of infection. Still, this method may not be suitable for all surgeries and the traditional method is still a highly successful procedure.

Cataract Surgery Steps

cataract surgery - corneal incision

Step 1:

A small incision is made in the cornea of the eye

Step 2:

Access is created to the lens capsule that sits behind the cornea

Step 3:

The cataract-affected lens is broken up and removed using phacoemulsification

Step 4:

The artificial Intraocular lens is positioned in the lens capsule

Cataract Surgery Costs

Cataract surgery is considered a medically necessary surgical procedure and is covered, at least in part, by Medicare.

Most patients need to weigh up their options and consider if they are covered in a private health fund for the cataract number provided by medicare. Patients who decide to go as a private patient have the added advantages of being able to select their surgeon, facility, date of surgery, and the type of refractive lens they wish to proceed with, to allow optimum vision.

There is also the option of going as a public patient through the public health system. However, the wait time is typically 12-18 months and you don’t get access to premium lenses or get to choose your preferred surgeon or type of surgery.

In your first appointment, we will help you to weigh up the pros and cons of public vs private surgery and we can provide you with the costs of your surgery with Envision Eye Centre.

Your road to Cataract free vision with Envision Eye Centre

At Envision, we manage your end to end cataract surgery experience. Our aim is to make you feel informed, comfortable and confident about your surgery.

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