Eye Conditions

The eye works much like a camera. The cornea and lens work together at the front to provide focus. The iris meanwhile adjusts the amount of light exposure. The retina acts like the film at the back of the eye and creates the final image. The image is then transferred to the brain via the optic nerve.

There are numerous eye conditions which can alter any of these complex parts, affecting your vision.

Anatomy of the eye showing light passing through the lens
cataract icon


White clouding on the eye lens

Refractive error icon

Refractive Errors

Blurry vision


Internal eye pressure

keratoconus icon


Thinning bulging corneas

Corneal disease icon

Fuchs Dystrophy

Corneal disease

dry eye icon

Dry Eye

Tear film disturbances

pterygium icon


Skin growth on the cornea

macular degeneration icon

Macular Degeneration

Losing central vision

blepharoplasty icon

Eyelid Conditions


retinal detachment icon

Retinal Detachment

Seeing floaters and flashes

diabetic retinopoathy icon

Diabetic Retinopathy

Vision loss due to diabetes

blepharitis icon


Inflamation of the eyelids

Children’s Eye Conditions

young girl looking to camera

Paediatric eye conditions include a range of mainly  developmental issues that can be treated best when caught early.