Cataract Surgery Guide

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Expected recovery time from cataract surgery

While cataract surgery is the most performed and successful surgery worldwide, it is still surgery and you will need some time to recover. Recovery will vary from person to person.  

Stable vision is not usually achieved for approximately three weeks after surgery. Until this time people may not be able to read with the operated eye, despite having good distance vision. However, attempting to read will do no harm. 

Clear vision depends on both the eye and the brain working together, the best thing you can do to ensure a speedy recovery is to resume your normal activities as soon as your doctor recommends that you do so. Do the things you do everyday – read, watch television, work on crafts, use a computer, drive and engage in gentle physical activities. Perform a range of activities that require a full range of vision. And lastly, be patient. Your new lens is a tool that your body has to learn how to use.

Once the vision is sufficiently stable you will be able to order any necessary spectacles.