Laser Eye Surgery During COVID-19

With elective surgery limitations being slowly lifted, if you have ever considered laser eye surgery in the past, now might actually be a good time to make a move to better vision. Many people put off laser eye surgery due to time conflicts with work or other family commitments. With time being in more abundance right now, people are beginning to focus on both physical and intellectual improvements.

Laser eye surgery is an elective surgery and was put on hold when the COVID-19 pandemic began. This was when concerns were held for the demands on the health system and protective equipment. Now that things in Australia are more contained, the demand is currently under control so restrictions on elective surgery are beginning to be lifted. As of 28 April, cataracts and other eye procedures are being permitted.

Laser Eye Surgery Recovery Times

Laser eye surgery is a short procedure usually requiring patients to be in our surgery for little over an hour. Recovery time is also quite quick with most people being able to enjoy better vision and return to work within a few days in most cases. However, attending appointments pre and post-surgery is what many find difficult to schedule in amongst their busy work and personal lives.

How many appointments are involved in Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery normally results in five visits to our clinic during the first month. This includes:

  1. An upfront free assessment by one of our skilled Orthoptists
  2. Consultation with our Principal Surgeon, Dr John Males
  3. Your actual surgery day
  4. Immediate check-up – one day after surgery
  5. Secondary check-up – one week after surgery

While these appointments are all relatively short and included in the cost of surgery, it does get tricky to arrange around a busy schedule. Which is why now, making time for surgery is likely to be easier and your recovery, best done at home, is likely to be less interrupted.

Laser Eye Surgery & Your Health

You may question if having laser eye surgery right now is the best idea. Rest assured, we have always maintained extremely strict hygiene procedures and infection control to protect both our patients and staff. In light of COVID-19 we are also taking extra measures to screen our patients prior to their visit to our small private practice.


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